Wednesday, February 21, 2007

for Sam "Destination Paradise"

Journaling reads: Paradise, not just a destination, but a State of Mind". Very deep, I know, but with 2 tear-away boys, it seemed very apt. Downloaded the feet photo from the internet b/c the ones I took were AWFUL. The ginger flower was taken at Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary and I didn't alter it, it already had that aura to it.....freaky!! Can't remember what I wrote around the photo now :(. Oh well, I'll just ask Sam later.

for Louise "Inspirational Teachers"

Journaling on right hand side reads:
What could Year 12 students teach ME??? I’m the teacher!! I know MOST things – and if I don’t, I sure know where to find out! How depressing to finally acknowledge that the tables were turned! I bet you’re wondering just HOW this catastrophe occurred!
Well, it was like “the penny dropped” or “the light was on and finally someone WAS home”. These students taught me the importance of family, motherhood, respect and love.
HOW?? They were genuine about their faith, their future and their character. They peeled away my rough, gruff exterior that had built up over the years, like a wall that protected my true, vulnerable self. Ultimately it was my downfall as I began to care less about ‘objectives’, ‘criteria’, ‘SAIs’, ‘LOAs’ and ‘CCEs’ and more of their emotional well-being and the strong bond that ensued.
HOW UNCOMFORTABLE did I feel!!??? It made the decision to leave and concentrate on my OWN sons easier. I felt I should be fostering these kinds of connections with my OWN children, instead of someone else’s! Also, I missed my ART, music, Husband and my Marriage….and they were noticing MY absence.
I look at the students on this page – boys who will soon be young men and beginning their true lives – and I want Mackinley and Rainer to be just like them!
I can only do that by being with my sons and for ME to teach them compassion, kindness, love, tolerance, friendship and respect – with a large dose of cheekiness! Their Mums did a fabulous job – and I want to do a fabulous job too!!! It meant quitting what I have enjoyed doing for the last 10 years to begin a new challenge:
Raising my 2 Gorgeous Boys. (September 2006)

and when you open the flap on the left hand side, you see these monkeys:

for Toni "Our Surroundings"

Journaling reads: "When I hear people say they don't want to bring children into this world, I wonder where on Earth they live." Pictures are taken in my front and back yards.

My CJ "Girl in the Mirror"

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